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A restored historic landmark, the Gristmill is a unique center
offering classes in fencing, yoga, and the arts.


THE FIRST GRISTMILL on the site was built in 1805 but burned down in 1904. The present structure was put up at right-angles to the original foundation in 1910. In 1997, the Gristmill came to life again. Restored by the present owner, Hope Konecny, with a vision to share her passion of fencing and the arts. The Gristmill offers offers the opportunity for everyone to acquire skills in fencing and yoga as well as enjoyment of the arts.

Fencing lessons are given privately by appointment and practices are conducted as a group. Personal instruction in yoga, also arranged by appointment, is available and classes are held three times a week. Artists and artisans are invited to exhibit their arts and crafts in the studio.

The Gristmill is located approximately 25 miles south of Albany, NY and 25 miles west of Catskill.

Hope Konecny
Fencer • Jeweler • Sculptor
Founder and Program Director E-mail me